How can I support this project?

Contact Barney on +1-246-230-2360 or email

When will this project be finished?

The Demo Stretch is expected to be completed by the end of 2021. Clearing, marking and signage and general improvements of other sections are ongoing. Additional sections and extension will be added over time.

Who will be allowed to use the Trailway?

The intention is to have as many different users as possible. There will no motorized vehicles with internal combustion engines, but e-bikes and electric scooters may be allowed (subject to a speed limit, etc).

How is the project being financed?

The Demo Stretch is made possible by generous donations and contribution from various individuals and businesses.

The intention is to finance the paving and improvements of the remaining sections via a combination of grants and donations.

Will there be a user charge?

No. The intention is to provide areas for food and drinks vendors and other service providers to offer their goods and services for a charge.

There may also concession charges for those operating for-profit businesses such as bike or scooter rentals.

Where can I get more information?

Call or WhatsApp: +1-246-230-2360


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