Bicycle Photo Competition

The 2021 Barbados Trailway Bicycle Photo Competition was launched in early November 2021.

By mid January, some 64 photographers had submitted 150 photos.

The best photos are shown below.

As of August 2022, a number of the submitted photos are on display at various bus shelters around the island.

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Category: Not just a bike, but a Work of Art

Winner: Ryan Alleyne

Category: Historic Bikes+Trails

Winner: Gary Rogers

Category: Women on Bicycles

Winner: Keisha Merritt

Category: Cycling Kids

Winner: Prea Hardeen-Moses

Category: Not just a bike, but a Work of Art

Runner Up: Mario Porchetta

Historic Bikes+Trails

Runner Up: Kadeem Batson

Women on Bicycles

Runner Up: Arianna Holligan

Cycling Kids

Runner Up: Lilias Gardner

Special Mentions

Matt Hamilton

Sarfraz Nakhuda

Audrey Williams