Barbados Trailway Project

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A Future Centre Trust  Project currently under construction

This website is a work in progress.

It attempts to provide some information about  the project and track its progress.

Barbados Trailway

The Barbados Trailway is a paved bicycle and pedestrian path located primarily on right-of-way lands of the former Barbados Railway.


Converting the old Barbados Railway reserve into an accessible pathway for pedestrians, runners and cyclists.

2-3 km proof of concept:

10 feet (3 meters wide) asphalt center.

6-8 ft verges with fruit and other trees for shade.

Benches and shade/rain shelters along along the way.

Equitable, sustainable and safe mobility for all.

Ride, run, walk. Strollers, wheelchairs, anything but cars.

Parking, shelters, lights

Industrial Heritage

Barbados Railway ran from 1881 until 1937

Three disused Sugar Factories and several plantations en route

Fruit trees along the trail to provide shade

Agricultural land along most of the trail

Offsetting of carbon emissions

Reduce NCDs

Manage weight

Live Longer

Job Opportunities for small businesses

Food and drinks vendors

Bike rental/repair


Attraction for regular, long-term and cruise visitors.

Access to the interior of the country

Bike rental and tours


Connecting Communities

Motor-traffic free walking and cycling between communities


Renewables, recycling, renovation

Solar Power

Water Management

Active Transportation


Outdoor Classroom

Active Transportation



Several points of historic interest along the route.

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